Kaspa News and Links

Kaspa support added to Coinpal payment platform

Any merchants using Coinpal to provide crypto payments now have access to Kaspa as a payment option

The Kaspa Community and the Exploration of Smart Contracts

Kaspa is evaluating the adoption of Smart Contracts with the technology known as Rollups (RU), designed to improve the speed and efficiency of blockchain transactions. This involves two potential paths, each with its own implications and challenges.

New Exchange Listing - Uphold

The much-awaited listing with Uphold is finally here! The CeFi platform in the USA now supports $KAS!

New Exchange Listing — KuCoin

KuCoin, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, has announced the listing of Kaspa (KAS) on their platform, with deposits now open as of 2 AM UTC on May 6th. This listing further expands KuCoin’s diverse offering of digital assets and brings new trading opportunities for existing and new users on the platform.

A Kaspa where to (Part IV, last) by Yonatan Sompolinsky

Kaspa is gaining traction, more eyes on us, different edges, intentions, interests. These interests may be at odds, but we are very early in our growth path, still categorically a positive-sum game.

Kaspa hashrate from 2022 - 2023

Interactive video of the explosive hash rate growth in Kaspa

GhostDag 101

Join us for an upcoming workshop GHOSTDAG 101: a deep dive into the consensus layer that drives Kaspa. The event will be presented by @DesheShai and held in the Kaspa Discord #meeting-room.Wednesday, April 26th, at 4pm EST/8pm UTC.

April 2023 Kaspa Marketing/CMF Report

This is just the beginning, so not all things are in place, but we see a lot of progress so far and am happy with the small but might core team and all the amazing support from many of you helping with socials, community building, and other outreach opportunities!

Kaspa has just integrated with Liquid Mining - a revolutionary cloud mining app

Use your smartphone with no technical setup needed. This makes $KAS mining more accessible than ever! Built on the principles of Web 3.0.

LBank has officially listed Kaspa on their exchange

This integration brings more accessibility to the ever-expanding network. A milestone of growing demand & recognition of the Kaspa ecosystem.

Kaspa Wallets — Non-custodial Options for KAS

Kaspa coins can be stored effortlessly and securely on various platforms such as Desktop, Web, Android, and iOS.

Kaspa and the ASIC

With the latest rumors, hash rate increase, and the potential arrival of ASICs to the Kaspa network, it becomes even more important to closely examine their advantages and disadvantages better to understand their role within the constantly evolving crypto ecosystem.

Kaspa Web Wallet and Tutorial

In this video you will learn how to use the web wallet for kaspa and also how to protect yourself from being scammed! Please remember to be careful with your funds and private keys! Always write them down and NEVER store them online!


Introducing the Rusty Kaspa Alpha release! As an Alpha stage product, it’s in the initial phases of development. Although this version is designed as a seamless drop-in for the existing Kaspa Go node, this release will primarily apply to experienced Kaspa command-line users who want to help us evaluate and stabilize this fresh codebase. Click to learn more...


Tangem Wallet lets you store your crypto assets secure and easily accessible while keeping private keys contained in your card. Use code KASPA for a 15% discount.